Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Austin, there is always something to see and do.

 Thieves Halloween House Show
Hey whats up?
Not much.

Welcome to my blog ‘NMU’ where the whole point is to go out and do what you wish you were doing. As way of introduction, my name is Julia McVey. I am currently a mere sophomore at St. Edward's University. I have lived all over the world and my main fascination is what makes people tic. I spent my high school years in the tourist town of New Braunfels (hottest coolest time in Texas) and most of my time in San Marcos where I have tried to experience everything this area of Texas has to offer. I have been living in Austin for a few years now and have found my footing. I shoot massive amounts of photos of adventures, it’s quite the hobby of mine. My major is communication with a political science minor. I feel that I am an aware, enlightened, curious type of person. I also feel that it is important to have sense of humor when looking at life. In a city like Austin, the uniquely democratic capitol of Texas surrounded by Hank Hill Republicans, the theme is Keep Austin Weird and that we have.
FunFunFun Scavenger Hunt-
Get on stage with a random band on 6th street (30 pts)
From a college student perspective there is a lot of events to filter through, the ones I choose to feature on here are aimed at an informed audience that can look at the human zoo and enjoy it in all its glory. I analyze people and places everywhere I go and I feel it is very relevant to my whole purpose of keeping a blog like this one.
The following is my explanation as to what this blog is all about. The goal is to connect people with other people and to provide quality coverage about everything we enjoy about Austin culture and beyond, but most of all it's about getting out of your comfort zone and doing something that you’ve never tried before.  This site has a focus on events, music, art and general culture of Austin. It’s a collection of articles, videos, pictures, and posters which tell what’s going on in our city. I will include a plethora of links that allow you to read more than I have time to comment on. Like most blogs it’s a chronologically ordered blog so many of the stories and articles correspond with what's going on at that particular place in time.

The local main events include:

I see this blog as a reference tool as to what there is to do around Austin on those rainy days...or the sunny ones..especially the sunny ones. Yeah, so as you can see, it’s not easy to give an “elevator pitch” about what this blog is about. For the most part, I like the fact that the events are all unique somewhat ambiguous. Keep Austin Weird.

Thank you for stopping by, remember to vote – if you care at all about our country. If you may have any overall comments about this blog this would be a good place to leave them.