Monday, May 2, 2011

Flash App

Austin, Texas has an abundance of bars and venues in downtown, especially throughout Red River and 6th street, but there are a few that stand out from the crowd. In my Flash application I chose four of my favorite venues to give extra information to help guide viewers towards a venue that would fit their preferences.

In the app you will see a basic fence in Austin that is pretty much held together by long forgotten poster staples in the background. There are four photos of the front of Emo's, Plush, the Mohawk, and the Red7. All of these have a small black triangular play button in the far corners that appears when the mouse hovers over the corner of each of the photos. When the button is clicked a transparent white box appears and the animation gives general information like the venue’s official website along with its mailing address and price range. There is also a quick overview of the atmosphere of the venue and what a patron can expect from the music, bar, and stage options. Front and center is a humble outline of downtown Austin that holds the glorious title “Austin’s Best Venues.” Directly above the skyline title is the main menu button. When the viewer is done with the information box they simply have to click on the main menu button to go back to the original screen. I chose a vintage looking microphone that fits into the skyline for the main menu button.

These four venues are prominent in the Austin music scene and help the readers of the blog to understand how diverse the Austin music culture that has been highlighted throughout my blog.

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